hi all,

first post here - so double hi to all

my problem is that i get this annoying "Main script execution failed" message BUT not all the time.
everything works fine except (till now) iano and beatphone.

when i install them i get the message, the app is on the springboard but does not show up in installer.
i then manually deleted them via ssh and downloaded beatphone from google code.

while copying the beatphone files on my phone via ssh i recognized that there is no real /var/root/media folder - its only some wicked text file - nothing more.
also gps phone doenst work because he wants it roms to be in /var/root/media

nes.app works fine with roms lying in /var/mobile/media

so my question is if i can just simply creat the "media" folder in /var/root without harming my system in any way?
then i could drop my roms and the audio files from beatphone there.

and for your info - ive got an 16 gb iphone 1.1.3 ootb unlocked and jailbrake with ziphone 2.4 and downgraded from 4.6 to 3.9.

thanks in advance

ps: one more thing i deleted beatphone by deleting the beatphone.app in the Applications folder and the 3 library files in /usr/lib/ - exactly the same wich where in the google code version.
did i do anything wrong?!