Hi guys,

i'm a newbie so don't blame me for this stupid question (and my bad english):

I had a iFone running 1.0.2 with Unlocker.app and through the elite re-virginizer method i upgraded last week to 1.1.1 - the process includes not a total restore, it's more like an "upgrade" (don't know the right english term in iTunes, as i'm using a german iTunes).
What i mean is that after this process i still had links to old applications stored in the background, the folder for the NES rom's on the device and so on.

In the meantime i installed a couple of software and localization tools, so i'm asking me what the best process now would be to restore the device to a clean status, so that no applications, links, folder's what ever else left on the device. Just a blank 1.1.1 device, not activated - like "virgin" out of the box.

I used anysim 1.1 on the 1.1.1 device and i still want to be able to unlock it again with anysim after this process.

I'm upgraded in the meantime also to leopard, would that be an issue or do the old tools still run? (Anyway, i would like to use one of the new sites to do all the magic (activation, jailbreak, installer.app)