Before anyone gets mad or insulted... it is not my intention I am addicted to my iPhone and LOVE IT!!!! It is the best phone I've had.... so this review just mentions the things I have figured out and what it lacks... and hopefully some fixes will come out soon or some of you guys can post some workarounds!

Review on the Apple iPhone

We all know the pros…
Best iPod ever created
Easy navigation, full browser (safari)
Excellent camera and photos display
YouTube – if you enjoy watching dumb videos! 
Best touchscreen
Great sensors
Great full screen calculator (remember having to dig in through the phone applications to find a little calculator?)
I’m sure you can find/think of many other ‘pros’ so I won’t list them here… the iPhone is a very nice looking and easy to use gadget….

But now for the cons

Things missing or not working well on the iPhone
1) For one, I very much dislike the way you have to look for contacts. Coming from a T-Mobile Dash where all I had to do was type any letters of the name (even if all I remembered were two letters in the middle), it seems annoying to me having to scroll through names trying to find a contact. Sometimes I do not even remember how I saved the contact for let’s say…. My pet grooming  In the Dash I was able to type pet and it would show me: Ruben – Pet Grooming Salon….
On the iPhone I actually have to remember the name Ruben!
2) Multimedia non-existing! We can’t send the wonderful pictures we take on our iPhone to anyone’s cellphones  You CAN email them, but what good is that if you’re trying to show your friends immediately how you’re jumping off a plane! You’d have to wait for them to actually go home and check email (as we know most of our friends don’t have an email capable cellphone ready  )
3) No Video!?!?!? Wow, I can’t even count the times that my Dash video camera came in handy… all those concerts and clubs where I was able to videotape my friends making fools of themselves and immediately send them through MMS (multimedia) to the rest of the world! Hehehe
4) No real Exchange Email !!! I am no longer able to synchronize contacts and calendar on the run without the need of a cable…. Yeah you can sync manually through iTunes but what if you’re travelling? What if your memory is as bad as mine and you can’t even remember a birthday without looking at your outlook calendar…. You could be on vacation for a week and miss that important birthday or party!
5) No push-email: your emails no longer come in automatically, you can only set your phone to download them every 15 minutes…. What if a friend emails you that you’ll win a pair of The Police tickets if you respond within 5 minutes!?!?! Tough luck! You got the email 10 minutes late 
6) Safari browser is nice BUT does not support java or flash… this is why they have the YouTube widget… try going to YouTube on the safari browser and you won’t be able to see anything!
7) No video or sound files supported…. This might not sound too important, however, at my job we are able to receive all our voicemail as a .wav file…. I was able to listen to all these .wav files on my old Dash, but on the iPhone I am no longer able to open them. This will hopefully be fixed if they ever add Multimedia! If we can play mp3s on the iPod we should be able to play any other sounds!
8) No Office Products for Editing: yes you can view word/excel/pdf files that are sent to you through email… but you CANNOT create new ones or edit those they send to you.
9) No folder browsing…. On my T-Mobile Dash I’m able to actually add files and create folders… so if I wanted to carry with me a few important word/excel/pdf documents I could simply sync and add those files to the phone then open them directly on the phone…. No can do on the iPhone 
10) No true VPN… there is a way to connect to your VPN but it’s pretty much useless due to the fact you cannot browse folders, hence you cannot browse your office network files through VPN
11) No dial-up/modem – You cannot use your iPhone as a modem which means you cannot connect it to your laptop and use it as your laptop’s internet connection. This is very easy and works great on the T-Mobile dash… I was able to get internet connection on my laptop anywhere, even in the car when no wifi was available. Much cheaper than having to purchase an expresscard….
12) No games!
13) No messengers (The T-Mobile dash has built-in MSN messenger, AOL, Yahoo, and ICQ)
14) No third-party applications. This is the last of my complaints… if Apple had allowed third party apps, we would by now have hundreds to chose from…. Such as MSN messenger, financial calculators, games, and all other cool apps available at

Overall, I’m happy with my iPhone…. But I’m having a hard time adjusting to a few of the things it lacks  Hopefully the next software upgrade will fix a few.