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Discuss Returning to apple at the General -; Right, i already have an iphone 2g which i bought back in March from CWP ...
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    Default Returning to apple

    Right, i already have an iphone 2g which i bought back in March from CWP in the UK, i unlocked it, so i didnt sign a contract, yesterday i purchased a new iphone 3g which is now on 02 contract..

    Would it be possible, to bring my now broken (battery wont stay charged, thinks its charged so doesnt charge any more) iphone V1 to apple, with the original receipt and use my new number, which i have activated both phones with to prove that i have indeed activated the V1..

    Will they service the phone, if i show them this number and purchase receipt?


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    What i would do is, say you bought the iphone 2g, then found out a 3g was going to be coming out, so you didnt bother using or activating it.

    Now you put it on charge and the battery is screwed so you havnt bothered activating it.

    If they dont comply, mention the sales of goods act and how the battery is expected to last long than 5 months otherwise the consumer product does not meet its standard or serve its purpose and you will be more than happy to allow a smalls claims court to decide whether a battery is expected to last longer than 5 months in a mobile.

    The product is faulty, thats the fact at the end of the day.



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