I have been trying to follow the various guides to unlock my iPhone but unfortunately can't get past the first step from any of them! The reason is that I'm currently stuck with really slow wireless Internet and can't get the iPhone to Restore via iTunes because the download keeps failing.

Firstly, I was wondering why this Restore process is actually required when I know that I have the correct Firmware 1.02 (my phone reports it as 3.14.08_G and iTunes says it's up to date) - iBrickr can't successfully jailbreak the phone because it thinks it's not updated?

Secondly, if this Restore process is absolutely required for the jailbreak to work correctly, is there any method for doing this that doesn't involve downloading the firmware via iTunes (I have already tried AppTapp but that also keeps failing) - I can probably download the firmware files directly from Apple via the link provided elsewhere on this forum with a download client that supports resuming.

Apologies if these are newbie questions but I'm sure you can understand my frustration at not being able to use my iPhone for 4 days since I bought it, because I haven't been able to proceed through any of the guides. Any help would be most appreciated.