Q -

Can the turbosim be reset to out of packet settings


when performing turbosim smsreset where do you put the file before running.


do you have to program turbosim with applesaft before running smsreset

Q- Is iBrickr jailbreak unlock ok to use with turbosim method.

I am asking these questions because last friday i used the original method of jailbreak to unlock phone then programmed turbosim ( very easily ) and all worked fine.

Then on tues morning phone locked up and had to restart but sim applications vanished from phone.

restores phone and did activation process to the letter, then tried activating turbosim again, spent 4 hours last night and i have now restored my phone to factory settings again.

tonight gonna restore my PC the last fridays backup, download all software again and start from scratch.

I dont know why but i have a feeling the turbosim has corrupt files.

also what is best SFTP prog , i seem to get some errors with win sftp ( although files tranfer ok and chmod ok.)

I am really stuck now and would really appreciate some help guys.

regards from Manchester UK


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