I've managed to upgraded US 1.1.1 unlocked to 1.1.2 on Orange, UK network.

However, I have also noticed that the Installer no longer shows the previously installed Apps I had on 1.1.1, e.g. ScummVM, Summerboard Themes, Services, etc (I assumed they were over-written by the 1.1.2 firmware).

So, decided to reinstalled them with ease under 1.1.2 thru Installer v. 3.

However, in Summerboard some of the optional themes I installed back in 1.1.1 is still shown and I am unable to remove them via Installer.

I am quite concern with regards to storage space since, back in 1.1.1, I have also installed Unlocking Tools such as EDGE Settings fix, Enable International Keyboard, SMS Fix.

Is there a way to restore these installed packages so I can safely remove them via Installer ? or can someone share tips as to check from Terminal via SSH as to whether these are still installed and how to remove them cleanly?