Hey guys, sorry to have to ask for help, but I have no idea what to do.

When I got my iPad (The new one with the Lightning Cord,) I decided it was fine. I used it and it was great. But I needed a way to hide apps. So I jailbroke the stupid thing. It works great, I'm not worried about the jailbreak, but my Lightning Cord decided it wouldn't charge the iPad no matter what I do. If it's plugged into my Laptop, my Desktop or into the wall charger, it will NOT charge. I used to get a "USB Device Malfunctioned," but I don't get it anymore, and the thing won't charge. I'm at 6% battery power and I NEED to either A) figure out how to charge it or B) Un-Jailbreak the bugger so I can walk into the Apple Store in my town and get them to fix it or give me a new cord. I'm sure its the cord.

Any idea how to remove a jailbreak and not send your device into a boot loop? (iOS 6.1, iPad 4 32gb)