I've been unlocking iPhones for people since the first days it was possible. Back in the 1.1.1 days, I would not need to set up the iPhone in iTunes in order to unlock, so when I would hand over the phone to the customer, he would only need to connect it to his computer, and he would get the "Set-up a new iPhone" screen (or whatever it actually says... the screen that asks you to name your phone and lets you choose what to sync).

However, now, at 1.1.2, since it has to be updated, the phone needs to be given a name and "paired" with the computer. Therefore, when the customer takes his phone and connects it at his computer, he is not given the option to name his phone and asked what to sync.

This is obviously an option that's set on the phone itself, not the computer.

I was wondering if anybody knows how to remove this "partnership" from the phone so that when the phone is connected to iTunes again, the normal screen pops up asking to name the phone and syncing options are displayed.