Today My phone got tripped into recovery mode..
I didn't want to restore becuase I would have lost my 3rd party apps and all of my cool user settings..I was also worried about having to "re" unlock it with simfree.
I restored everything and left my tmobile sim in the slot.. WHen it rebooted I used INdependence to unlock it and my tmobile card still worked!! However, I am now having an issue instaling apps via ifunastic.. My phone keeps telling me that it's running low on memory but when I open Itunes it says that I have 2g's left?? It also, won't let me see the "apptap" application even though it's installed? I've tried to installed it via INdependence and Ifuntastic... Both programs show that it has been installed but it wont show up on the springboard?? Can anyone please give me some advice? All of my other sounds and such show up but the apps don't? Is it possible that they are hidden?? When I look on the device through ifuntastic it shows a few programs or apps that I cant see..