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Discuss Questions on iDevice hacking/devellopement. at the General -; Hello their. As you see I'm quite new the forum. Ever since Geohot released his ...
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    Default Questions on iPhone!!!!! NEED HELP!!!!

    Hello their. As you see I'm quite new the forum. Ever since Geohot released his jailbreak I always wanted to do the same thing, be in the jailbreaking scene. Of course whenever it comes to really anything especially programming and hacking (depending on what type of hacking), you can't just come up to the stage and say "I'm finding the next Jailbreak!". You need a lot of patience, determination and interest to do these things. Now I am really in to programming and modding and once I start, I will never stop. Now enough with the blabbering of my mouth and on to my questions:

    1.What is the iPhone Firmware/iOS language (please I'm not talking about application language which I believe is Xcode)?

    2. What it the iPhone kernel/terminal language?

    3.What is a baseband and shsh?

    4. What are jailbreaks programmed in?

    5. In this situation (iDevices of course...), what is an Exploit, what does it do and what can you do after you've discovered it? Does it get you terminal access?

    6. Do I need to know assembly language?

    7. Are their any websites OTHER then the iPhoneWiki that can help me with this and teach everything their is to now about this subject (iDevices in and out, making jailbreaks, the programming languages of these devices, Firmware/iOS creation and development)?

    Thank You very much guys and PLEASE answer soon. I want to get working on this pronto! And please a NEWBY DEFINITION (but not child definition)
    Sincerely, Orsza
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    Not to deflate your bubble, but part of learning this stuff is searching for and finding the answers. While most of your questions are valid, they're questions that we've all answered hundreds of times to hundreds of other people asking the same thing. If you want to get involved in searching for and finding exploits, start by searching for and finding the answers to your questions. Not only have most of them (if not all of them) been answered on this forum before, but based on the level of some of the questions (e.g., what is an exploit), you really should start doing research yourself to familiarize with the terminology and with how these things work.

    As always, we welcome the chance to have another talented programmer working on exploits, however, step number one to this is learning to search for and find the information you're looking for. It applies both to the questions you've asked and to finding the exploits ultimately.
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