first of all, sorry if this has been discussed.. i used the search for a while but couldnt find any answer to this.

my iphone is s/w unlocked, i recently upgraded to 1.1.2 using oktoprep from the installer, jailbroke and unlocked it afterwards, works fine.

now since i have some minor problems i would like to do a restore (to 1.1.2) to start with a fresh phone (the upgrade to 1.1.2 leaves most of the files there as i discovered, long uninstalled apps remembering their prefs and stuff like that). is that possible at all? because as i understand it the jailbreak prep will be lost so i wont be able to jailbreak it again right? or do i have to downgrade to 1.1.1, restore it, prep it again, and upgrade again?

any help is appreciated, again, sorry if this has been discussed (i am sure it has actually... cant be the only one wondering)