I have just joined this forum this mouth, so hello to all and well done the workers out there hacking and modding.

I have a long background in Computer overclocking, PCB modding etc and love this Iphone community. I am a mod over at vapochill.com forum so love to mess about with hardware.

Anyway enough about me and on to my Question.

I have memberships at many forums also been an admin at a few and know about flaming and posts were people just don't read or are blind (they must be a lot of the time it's right in front of them).
Why in this area of the forum someone posts to help, maybe sometimes rubbish help, do they get flamed so bad?
I am surprised they ever come back!!
If the forum was not meant to be public then I would understand but it is public.
I ask this, if you were in the street looking for TSB or Natwest and asked someone walking by and they said right there you idiot, kill him; take him away (lol). Why is it manners are not part of this forum?
It takes time to type, Delete post, Banned him , just to name a few, when you could easily say Please read the forum, search for this!!
Thats what a forum is about, helping?? or did I miss something?

This is a great place, a place of people who want the same thing but want to move forward on to more tweaks.
Why spoilt it with basic bad manners for the uneducated.

Final thought, we were all newbies once.
Imagine we did not get help when we needed it, we would not know how to help in the future.
It is only easy if you know it!

Kind Regards

PS these are just my thought after reading here for 3 months. Always check a place out well before I post.
Bulldog hides in his flame proof jacket