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Discuss Question on Carrier settings Bundle. at the General -; Have a doubt. When you hook up your phone to the PC some files get ...
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    Default Question on Carrier settings Bundle.

    Have a doubt.
    When you hook up your phone to the PC some files get downloaded.
    A lot of guys have reported serious problems after pressing the allow update. Based on posts Ive seen here.

    This is just a thought.
    In some countries. The iphone was only launched as the 3G. They never had the 2G. SO all the updates / settings etc are asuming your on a 3G.

    Where as in other countries they have had both the 2g and 3G.
    So Itunes will download the right bundle for you.
    Where as countries which only started with 3G well all the settings bundles will be only 3G

    Just a thought.

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    When you use an iPhone with one of the official iPhone carriers but with a non-iPhone contract, this problem can occur. Particularly if you use a 2G iPhone with a carrier that provides only 3G iPhone contracts.

    The problem is not specific to carrier updates (they usually aren't very different from the built-in settings). The main problem is that by using that carrier, you are also using the settings it has provided for its official iPhone subscribers. Those settings may be different from the ones you need (e.g. EDGE/GPRS login information may be different between contracts).

    In such cases, it is a good idea to take a look at /User/Library/Carrier Bundle.bundle and particularly the carrier.plist in it. Look if the settings are right for your subscription. And after a carrier update you may want to re-check those settings.
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    Editing binary .plist, .strings, .nib and .xib files:
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    * on your iPhone: convert those files in a terminal with plutil (installed with Erica Utilities) or edit them with iFile (Cydia links).

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    Just one to add to JimD's post. If this is the case you might even not be able to use the settings for editing APN and password. The value AllowEDGEEditing is set to false for Apple partner carriers in their bundles.
    There is an easy way to solve this one. Open Mobile safari on your iPhone and goto:
    APN Changer
    Hit "Continue" and "Custom APN" on the next screen. Insert APN/Username/password according to your plan and hit"Create custom profile" then.
    A standard Apple profile is created then, you can just add/apply it. Thats all. Once you dont want it any longer you can just delete it.
    Its the apple way and you dont have to edit any of the file on the iPhone manually.
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    Country: Guatemala
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    I yellowsn0wed my 3G a couple weeks ago but just for the love to the game i DFU restored both of my phones to stock 2.2 connected them to itunes both received the carrier bundle update... and both are working fine. edge/3G/Wifi/SMS/Calls.
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    How to Unlock the iPhone 3G
    Solve Low signal on iPhone 2G - May help with greyed out WiFi issue.
    if post helped...rep up please. ... thanks



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