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Discuss Question about iPhone boot process/boot loader at the General -; Hello - I'm new to iPhone hacking. I've done some searching, but haven't found the ...
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    Default Question about iPhone boot process/boot loader

    Hello -

    I'm new to iPhone hacking. I've done some searching, but haven't found the info I want yet (maybe because it isn't known yet...)

    I've seen from various places that it's possible to connect to the iPhone's bootloader via a serial port. Various low-level commands are listed (memory read/write, iic access, nand stuff, etc).

    I'm curious: does anyone know the 'boot process' from the very start on the iPhone yet? Is the boot loader located in ROM? (if so, where's the ROM - is it embedded in the CPU chip?) Or is it on one of the flash chips (NOR or NAND)?

    I assume that the boot loader gets control, then validates the 'signature' of the OS before booting it. Is that the case? Is this signature-checking code available somewhere? (has someone done a dump/disassembly)?

    When the original Xbox was hacked, it was known that it would be pretty much impossible to 'break' the RSA encryption/signature checking used on the main binaries. That's why it was important to get a disassembly of the ROM boot loader, and from that a 'security hole' was found. I feel that there is a similar possibility on the iPhone, but of course we'd need to see the code first.

    Has anyone tried the 'memory dump' commands in the boot loader? Do they prohibit dumping 'private' memory sections (like where the ARM reset vector/boot loader code may be)?

    Sorry if this has all been asked before - I did do some searching, but couldn't find anything. Please point me to the correct place(s) if this info is known (I've been to the Wiki at, but haven't found this level of info).

    Thanks in advance,

    - Paulb

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    Default You Asked About the boot process

    i think you should chk this out

    iPhone OS X Architecture: the BSD Unix Userland — RoughlyDrafted Magazine

    just keep on following the links on the issue and you just might find what you're looking for



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