hey i have recently managed to build a toolchain and i have been trying to compile and run a "hello world" program from it.

the compiling seems to work just fine, thease are the cammands that i use:

1. i type in "make" which inturn compiles the two m files in this particular program from the makefile and turns them into o files.

2. i run "arm-apple-darwin-gcc -lobjc filename.h -o filename.h" which compiles the header file.

3. then again i run the cammand "make" which gives me the actual program that i need.

the actual compiling procces seems to work because i have compared my binary to the binary from the website for particular program.

i ssh into my phone and install the program and the plist from the dev page that i got all the source code from and whatnot. i then went into the m68ap.plist file and typed the "net.fiveforty.iphone.hello-uikit" identifier in so the thing will show up and run. i restart it and it doesnt show up and then i try to launch it from the finder app or that app with the star at the bottom and it always crashes and wont even run.

anyways could some one tell me what im doing wrong please because there isnt that much info out there on the actuall compiling process and i cant find anything that helps my problem.

i was wondering since identifiers have the com. or net. are you supposed to host a website that gives the phone or touch permission to run the program?

i have tryed other code for simple programs and they all seem to do the same thing. installing apps still work from the installer. by the way im runing 1.1.2 on my phone.