cold someone give me an advice on the following problem.

When I synchronize (Itunes 7.4 or 7.5 ) my Fotos and Music the Iphone falls back into the normal mode (first I get the "synch" screen, then it goes back to normal Springboard). Then, after a few minutes, I get the error message "Time Out error (in german "Zeitüberschreitung") Funny enough: Outlook contacts, calen der etc synch allright. Only files like fotos, music, podcasts not
I tried allready a lot of things, like deleting all the synch records, even completely uninstalling ITuns and re installing
Phone itself runs fine, all function work, unbricked with SimFree 1.6, FW is 1.1.1 (new method via Internet/ installe

One small possibility is this: I am using an Ipod cable, since I lost my original Iphone cable

The problems with synch suck because I can not get any music and fotos on my Iphone now.

Any advice will be appreciated