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The latest version of itunes is to blame.
It has a new authentication scheme.
And for some reason nobody wants to talk about this or how to fix it.

I made a post about this some time ago it got shunted into the tools forum where nobody bothers respond.

This is a serious issue and for some reason people on hackintosh are ignoring it.

Im on the look out for a more active community if you know of one please pM me.
The latest Itunes will only work with the offical sim card.
So on my 3G i put in the O2 Pay&Go sim and got itunes to work.
But on my 2G which was from the USA for which I dont have the orignal AT&T sim Im basiclly shafted.
TIll I figure out a way arround this new itunes crap.
God I hate apple.

Just delete your current itunes, (rename the library file)

install the old iTunes and create a new library file

Unlock your iPhone

Update itunes (rename your old library file and get your songs back)