I just got my iPhone today, and already have it unlocked, etc.

It's using firmware 1.0.2, I used iNdependence and iPhoneSIMFree to get it activated and unlocked.

Strange thing however, I was able to successfully attach it to my wireless network. It was working for an hour or so then when I tried to get on something again I saw I didn't have a connection. I checked if I had an IP address and it was set to DHCP but all the fields (IP, subnet, etc.) were blank!

I tried several things such as deleting the profile, resetting the network settings, etc. I can't get DHCP to work! If I set a static IP address it works fine though.

The same goes for when I connect to other networks around me. DHCP doesn't work.

I already restored the phone once and it did fix it, but now it's not working again.

Help please?