Hi, I tried to find somecone with the seme problem but couldn't find it...

I hacked my iPhone with Independence on my MBP. Installed AppTapp Installer installed from the Iphone OpenSSH, BSD Subsystem, Community Sources. I was unable to connect to the iphone (with Terminal/Fugo on OSX or even with putty/winscp on my PC) so I installed the the SSH/SCP/SFTP from Independence too.

I can now connect either PC or MAC in sftp (fugu/WinSCP), my problem now is that I can't connect in ssh. The problem is that after the login root/dottie, the connection is closed, I don't even hace time to type "cd /usr/bin".

Is it configuration of the SSH client ? configuration of the SSH Server on the iphone?

Does anyone have an idea ?

Thx JayL