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Discuss [problem] ringtone duplicates, tried fix, now absolutely no sound at the General -; I have a 1.1.4 phone that I used iplus 2.0b to jailbreak. It has ...
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    Default [problem] ringtone duplicates, tried fix, now absolutely no sound I have a 1.1.4 phone that I used iplus 2.0b to jailbreak. It has worked great for over a month now. Before jailbreaking, I had 4 custom ringtones on the phone that all worked fine. I tried to add a new custom ringtone today (via the m4a to m4r and manually transfer via itunes method) and the new ringtone showed up as a duplicate of an older ringtone. Both copies played the older ringtone. After much messing around in itunes, I was able to get the duplicates to both be the new ringtone, but never able to get them to both display and play properly. I googled this problem and came across this thread:

    I followed a suggested solution to edit the Ringtones.plist file in /private/var/mobile/Media/iTunes_Control/iTunes/

    I edited the guid for each song so none of them were duplicates (as the two ringtones that had the problems both had the same guid.)

    Now all of the ringtones display properly on the phone...but none of them play. None of the standard ringtones play. None of the msg alerts play...I can't get ANY sound to come out of my phone. Songs in the ipod will not play. The slider no longer makes the "unlock" noise. Nor does the lock button make the "lock" noise. The speaker phone setting will not allow me to select it, and no sound will come out of the speakers. Absolutely ZERO sound is coming out of my phone now. I can still make a call and hear it ring through the small ear speaker...but once the call connects, I get zero sound from even my phone is now useless as a phone, an ipod, and basically anything that requires sound no longer works. I even plugged in the earphones and get no sound that way either

    Please help!
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    Well, I had a similar problem with sounds. When the headphones were plugged in I'd get sound out of the speaker, including the keyboard click, and songs, etc, but when the headphones were unplugged I got nothing at all, except the sounds from ringtones when you are picking one from the ringtone menu.

    To fix it, I did a full DFU restore to 1.1.4 then activate and jailbreak using iliberty 1.3 That fixed the problem completely, although I still have a problem with green pictues on the camera, the sound problem is totally fixed.

    You may have to restore if you can't fix the problem.

    See what other people say, and then decide, but that worked for me.



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