I am using 1.1.2 unlocked. My iphone sync well with itunes 7.6, music is transferred from PC to iphone.
Earllier, contacts from computer to iphone were transferred well, there was no problem in sync and contacts in outlook 2003 were getting updated with changes / additions made in iphone and vice-versa.

Now I have a problem, i had window xp on my laptop reinstalled, also reinstalled outlook 2003, there are at present no contacts in outlook, i want to backup contacts from iphone to outlook 2003, though there is message displayed on iphone during sync that contacts are being transferred, I actually get no contacts from iphone to outlook 2003. What could be the problem and how can i solve it.

I have tried reinstalling itunes and outlook 2003 but the problem persists.

Secondly, outlook2003 and 2007 gets only one mobile no. from a contact in iphone whereas iphone may have more than one mobile nos. How to get multiple mobile / work telephone nos. from one contract in iphone to outlook.

is there a facility to bring contacts from iphone to excel format through Win scp or other mode.