I want to widdle away the wicked wait with some wasteful wanderings, whence the waiters will finally win!

Anyway, I have some questions in order to prepare for the big upgrade.

1. In theory, is boot neutering required to use the new (unlocked) firmware? Should I boot neuter now in order to speed up my upgrade? I know I know...patience would help The reason for impatience in this case is I'd like to upgrade before work tomorrow in order to configure it onsite to use our systems. Saving 10 minutes by boot neutering now would be worth it.

2. Again in theory for the impatient Has anyone discussed TZones support on 2.0? In 1.x firmwares, one needed to ssh (or download a package) with proxy settings. If SSH is disabled, any chance this would work? I saw the screenshots with Installer on 2.0 - any guesses whether installing apps actually works?

3. I have the highest respect for the Dev Team. I really do. This is an intellectual question (actually more social, but intellectually social). Why are they waiting to release the Pwnagetool update? I've seen the words that they're waiting until the official Apple upgrade is released ... but why? It's not really like Apple could patch the firmware this late in the game. Any real sanctions Apple will try (like a new SDK requiring a new firmware) will occur regardless of when the 2.0 is unlocked. 3G and the final 2.0 firmware are out in the wild - there's no stopping unlocked 2.0 now. So... why? Is it because they're sticking to their guns & earlier statements, need more testing done, or simply want to release the app simultaneous with Apple?

I'm not questioning them - whatever reason they've chosen, they are unbelievable smart and cool to me! I'm just wondering... and trying to make this damn clock tick faster!