The topic title says it all! I wanted to start this thead because I thought you would all like to hear my story of when I first unlocked my phone. It's kind of interesting.

Anyway, me and my friend decided to go and stay at the disneyland Hotel for a few days but a few days before then, i got an iphone and subscribed to AT&T. at this point I was an UBER n00b and had no idea i could even unlock my iPhone so i could stay with T-Mobile. After a few days of having my unhacked AT&T iPhone, i eventually found out how to mod it after finding this messageboards and

but when i modded my hacked 1.0.2, i started having some strange problems where the sound HUD would randomly display and give me certain problems.

But when i really realize i wouldn't have to pay 80 bucks a month and have the crappy AT&T service, where i got 2 bars AT BEST at home and around my city, i decided to take it back and exchange it for a fresh OTB 1.0.2

So on the day me and my friend headded out for Disneyland, It was before any AT&T stores were open, so i used my unmodded 1.0.2 and found at&ts around anaheim and disneyland.

We drove from Vista, California up to Anaheim and went to the first AT&T store. They were out of them. We drove like a 3'rd of a mile to the second store. Out

finally the third store actually had it in! We grabbed it and went to disneyland, checked in, and left my new in box 1.0.2 iphone and laptop in the hotel room and headded off for disneyland. We hung out in the park until around 3.30 and decided to head back to our room.

Finally, I couldn't handle the itch any longer and I had to start fiddling around.
I took my new iPhone in box and my Laptop to the Concierge Lounge of the Dream Hotel and got a nice window table, overlooking both Disneyland, Disney's California Adventure, and Downtown Disney, set my laptop's wifi to the Disneyland's free Wifi, plugged in my brand new 1.0.2 into the laptop, and booted up and proceeded to follow the instructions listed there to get it unlocked, with installer and add anysim. Keep in mind this was my first time attempting anything like this. It ended up taking me over two hours, and having to make a weird request to the Disney Cast Member for a paperclip so i could remove the AT&T sim and replace with my T-Mobile sim. When i finally saw my carrier say T-Mobile at the top right corner of my new iPhone, i literally stood up and started cheering, making everyone in the lounge look over at me like i was a nut!

So thats my story. Hope you liked it!

iPhone FW: 1.0.2
Location: Disneyland (hotel) [Concierge Lounge] , Anaheim California
when: September 2007 from 3:00 - 5:00 pm pst (approx)