Hi there,
recently i noticed that my provider ( vodafone Germany ) re-compresses requested JPG images in websites to save bandwidth...

After browsing the web it seems that many providers do so when accessing the Internet via GPRS/EDGE/UMTS.

While this makes sense, sometimes its awful, because:
-Some images suffer horribly due to more artifacts, some images containing text are unreadable !

-the actual end-user speed is slower for browsing picture-heavy-sites ( flicr, google news, ... )

As this is a known problem, there are solutions, but none for the iPhone ( afaik ).

There seem to be 2 kinds of solutions:

-1- Using secret, undocumented APN Servers instead of the public ones.
--> this has the risk that at some point the provider charges you for that, as you have to acknowledge when signing up for your volume rate / flatrate that you use the recommended APN.

-2- changing the request header in a way so that no cached ( and thus maybe recompressed ) jpg's are allowed.

-Using Firefox / Opera on the PC there seem to be settings / plugins that do so.
-for IE there seems to be a Perl script that does so in the background
-there are proxies that patch the header

Are there any iPhone solutions that would work ? Could one modify one of the existing proxies ?!?!

Please help :-)