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Discuss Please help with TOUCH application at the General -; The problem is as usual - dead strip (very thin one) at the bottom end ...
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    Default Please help with TOUCH application

    The problem is as usual - dead strip (very thin one) at the bottom end of the screen.... well, actually the only inconvenience is inability to initialize a keyboard in SMS section... imagine you select on of the existing conversations in SMS section to send a new SMS to the person... once the message log is opened you need to press text input line next to sent button in order the keyboard to show up - well it doesn't work...
    And in "Notes" the spacebar and 123 buttons do not function... when I try to pres 123 button the shift is being pressed... when I try to press Spacebar in the center - the V or B button is pressed instead....
    At the same time all icons on springboard, all functions of "Notes" like delete, slider in Lock-screen function perfectly... I mean that the dead strip is indeed very-very thin...

    Well I downloaded a package of 3 files (General.plist; General-Simulator.plist;

    I copied them to \Application\Preferences folder.... then rebooted my iphone...

    In Settings -> General a new section named "Touch" appeared....

    I select this section and it shows the sensor level set to -15... I tried to set in to -0.5 or to -3.5 or to -5 or some other values

    Once I return to Spring board and go to either Notes or SMS - keyborad works perfectly well... as if nothing has ever happened to the lower-end of the screen...

    But once I reboot my iPhone I can't even move a slider... namely should I touch the screen in any place - running flower-clock (I call it so... the one you see for a while when you turn off the iPhone in normal way with a "turn-off slider") appears followed by a respring.... and back again a lock-screen is on... I touch the screen in any other place - the same... clock and respring...

    The restore of original files in \Applications\Preferences - doen't help even a bit...

    And another thing happens - after I copy the above mentioned 3 files to the \Applications\Preferences and then connect to iTunes - the name of my iPhone is changed to just "iPhone" (but it was called "iPhone_xx" just before file replacement) and iTunes fails to determine the capacity of my iPhone... the restore of files doesn't help either...

    My firmware is 2.0.2

    Please help. Is there anything that might be wrong with files I copy to iPhone... or with Touch application regarding my firmware version? How can or should I use Touch application (and where is it posiible to get a correct one for my firmware) to avoid the above described situation with never ending respring upon touching the screen? and why such things happen afterwards with iPhone detection and determination by iTunes?
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