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Discuss [PassCode] Stuck on asking it at the General -; Hi, did some updating of software with installer, then restart. Now iphone is stuck at ...
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    Cool [PassCode] Stuck on asking it

    did some updating of software with installer, then restart.
    Now iphone is stuck at Passcode at screen, where we have to enter phone unlock password,
    keypad can't be clicked !
    volume button doesn't work.

    Any solution, i can restore, but that's hell ofa job,
    installing everything again !

    Strange, itunes shows iphone, and starts syncing,but after a while, it displays a message, iPhone cannot be synced, Device cannot be found ! and Device tymed out !

    also ibrowser displays all the folders as well.
    but the PASSCODE screen doesn't go away !

    Update 2:

    Ibrowser also closes after a while !
    I guess I'm Doomed !
    Any help !
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    where is the DAT file, stored for to-do list 2.
    so that i can copy paste it after restore !
    also does to-dolist 2 work in 1.1.4 !



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