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    Default [OPINION] MacBook Air+SDK+iPhone

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    Quote Originally Posted by The_Real_BigBuckz View Post
    Dude these days Apple is screwing up with everything, I just have that feeling that they are gonna screw up. I mean the biggest proof is the Macbook Air the most useless macbook ever, No firewire or superdrive whats the point pay 200 extra and buy a macbook pro. Sorry that was a bit off topic but they are gonna screw up the SDK
    I don't know whether Apple are going to screw up the SDK or not. Personally, I think we'll see a situation similar to the one the community sees when new Apple products are rumoured just before a major mac conference: People work themselves up into a major frenzy rumouring the types of products they would love to see - typically though, these products are either not commercially viable, or just not technical feasible with the current state of the art. So, inevitably, people are disappointed when the actual new machines are released and they come nowhere near these 'Nirvana machines' rumoured by the over-zealous community.

    Releasing an SDK for the iPhone is a MAJOR undertaking. I can completely understand why Apple didn't do it at release, and I applaud Apple's decision to listen to their customers (and, let's be honest here, other large companies who want to make money selling apps for the iPhone). If Apple fuck it up and make it so open that its massively exploitable for people wanting to write malicious code, its going to be a huge PR nightmare for Apple - news of viruses on the iPhone will travel far faster and far quicker than the news that the iPhone doesn't have an SDK. Apple (and every iPhone user in the long term, therefore) have a lot to lose if this is fucked up.

    I don't think Apple are screwing everything up these days. Almost every product they release is a critical and commercial success (or, at least, they go back and revive it if it isn't - like the AppleTV). What are they screwing up?

    Regarding the MacBook air: this little device has really stirred up quite a hornet's nest. I completely didn't expect the kind of negative press it got. To my mind, I can see that this device is aimed at a very specific audience: those willing to pay a little more for something very light and very portable. I know of at least two or three people who would be in exactly this market. If Apple were to drop the price by a few hundred pounds, they'd start cannibalising the sales of their MacBooks.

    Technically, I love the fact it doesn't have an optical drive. Optical media is dead, and the quicker people realise this and accept it, the better. Lack of firewire is more of an issue for me but, at the end of the day, it just means that I'm going to have to wait a little longer to transfer that file. For the type of people this 80GB machine is aimed at, again, this is going to be a non-issue.

    For what the MacBook air is, I think it serves its market very well indeed. I just wish I could justify swapping my MacBook for one ;-)
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