I have been having a terrible time with my jailbroken 1.1.1. I have custom ringtones on it w/the spoof files working just fine and I have AppTapp Installer and the like, so it definitely worked but it's crashing so much more than it used to!

As it stands my phone is running summerboard and customize with a themed dock. I have about 3.5 gigs of music on there. At first I jailbroke using WinSCP and the command line but I had at least 3 crashes per day so I restored and used jailbreakme.com. I still have the same issues unfortunately. Sometimes it freezes, then after 6 or 7 seconds will flash brighter, then will go back to the unlock screen. Sometimes it freezes and forces a hard restart. Sometimes when I have not been listening to music for hours it will crash, then the iPod play icon will appear in the top right, but will not play any music. When I click iPod it'll be at the artist screen for an artist I played much earlier in the day, but not most recently.

Has anyone had similar problems? Any suggestions? Your assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks...love the forum. Been reading for quite a while but first time posting.