My unlocked 1.0.2 is acting strangely !!! The Wi-Fi is grayed out , and I do not see any MAC Address. This is not related to the wrong IMEI problem as discussed in other threads. The problem occurred for no reason ( after a soft restore ) and it indeed fixed itself for no reason after a while . Besides the obvious problem of not being able to use the wifi, the bigger problem is that the battery gets very hot and it drains very quickly in a matter of 3/4 hours. I installed the services that enable to turn on/off the network setting but had no success in actually turning the wi-fi on/off and get the MAC address. It seems like the wifi keeps trying to turn itself on , or some process keep looping thus draining the battery.
I read that somebody else had the same problem and I wonder if anyone have a solution rather than wait for the Iphone to fix itself like it did it before