Hi all,

Suddenly got the No SIM message on my DVD Jon hacked iPhone, after doing a firmware upgrade yesterday. Up till then the iphone was working fine (not the phone of course) and I was just waiting for the SIM unlock to be available to us all. Now I seemed to have screwed it all up, and now it says "insert a valid SIM" and to activate through iTunes again. (the original AT&T SIM is in the phone) I have of course tried to activate it all over again, like last time, but I can't get around the "Insert SIM" picture. have done several attempts to reboot the iPhone, tried DVD JON's methode again, Jailbreak, etc. And it just says up on the top left corner of the iPhone - > NO SIM. iTunes now just says everytime I connect the iphone to the computer, that it needs to RESTORE it, and I can't do anything else with it. :-(

I read that several people complained about their SIM card getting screwed up, and not being able use it, and had to get a new one from AT&T. Since I live in Norway, I am not sure that I can just ask for a new SIM card. (since I never have activated mine in the first place)

I just wanted to ask you all here for some advice. Maybe some of you have seen the same thing? I am of course afraid that there is something wrong with the iPhone itself, and that is going to be a real pain, since the US is the only place at the moment to get it fixed (ref. Apple's own support page)

Otherwise, I just want to say this is a great site!