Hey there. Am trying to find out if there are any other iPhone users here, that have a non activated iphone?

I have one, that I have hacked with DVD Jon's solution. The iphone works great (except the phone of course) I live in Norway, and therefore can not activate the regular way. I have noticed now, that no matter when I start up the iphone, it says, no SIM card installed.... Even if the AT&T card is in it. (I am talking about the SIM that comes with the iphone from AT&T) I remember this was working before, and that the message was different. I even tried putting my overseas SIM it in, and would get the error about not have a approved SIM in it. Not any more... So I am wondering if the SIM slot is busted already? Or if this is just a normal "error"?

Would appreciate if someone else outside the US could tell me what happens when they; 1. Take out the AT&T SIM, and out it back in, 2. What happens if you put in any other SIM card? and 3. Is there anyway to reset the iphone back to it's original self?

Thanks for a great web site.