First of all I'm new here, so hello to everybody!
Since this is the biggest site about the iPhone, I hope somebody can help me.

I bought myself an 1.1.2 OTB and did the whole downgrade, jailbreak, ... stuff and everything worked fine.
Today I received my NextSim, cut my simcard and also that worked. As you can imagine I was very happy!

But now I noticed that every time my phone goes into auto-lock, I don't have any signal from my provider. When I unlock my phone again, in the left top corner it says "no service" for like 2 seconds and than my carrier signal comes back again.

Does somebody know how to get rid of this problem because my phone is often auto-locked when I'm driving or working, etc... but it would be nice if people could still contact me.

So please, if anybody can help me?!

Thank you very much!

Kind regards,