This is totally bullshXt, just received e-mail from Trash, saying that IPSF let him down, and was directed us to use the "free unlocked" that has been post on the internet.
This is so bullshit. I am going to request my $ back!!!

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To all our loyal customers.

We have been let down by iPhoneSimFree. I paid for 2500 licenses then received nothing spent my own money on this venture.

I did it for the community and hopefully you can stick by me.

We have teamed up with a new supplier to bring you the first release Software Unlock for your iPhone
Download the application here -

Our website will be hosting the full install guides as well as information on any updates on the application

Here is a guide

Software Unlock

First of all im gonna warn you make sure your running version 1.02 firmware.

Settings → General → About → Version. Modem Firmware should also say 03.14.08_G

Your phone will also need to be jailbroken you can use iBrickr for this!

More information on the Dev Wiki to do so!

Next Download the GUI Application and extract it and upload to your Iphones /Applications/ Directory

It should be /Applications/

You should now see Unlock icon on your iphone run this!

Leave it for about 20mins to work (yes slow but im working an know how to make this around 3minutes already tested)

It should pause at Flashing firmware for 20minutes, this and wont move the percentage bar will not move as this is beta the new version will be a 2-5minute process.

This is still buggy and i will release a faster version in a few days as i havent slept.

Also when after complete hit the home button and restart iphone if you dont get signal