Apologies if this has been posted previously but as I wasn't able to find a solution to this online, I thought I'd best post it.

Having unlocked numerous iPhones since last year, I came across an issue with 1.1.2 US OTB that were being unlocked using an X-Sim II.

No EDGE settings were appearing in Settings>General>Network.

Having gone the more difficult route (Editing plist files, creating a new symlink and other SSH induced nonsense), I was rather humoured to discover the fix is as simple as turning off the sim pin (Settings>Phone>Sim Pin) and rebooting. You will then have the EDGE option in Settings>General>Network.

If you are worried about leaving your pin turned off, you can turn it on again once the phone has rebooted, but remember you will have to perform the same procedure once again if you restart the phone.

Hope this helps some folk