Curious to find out what is the MAX number of app that can be installed on the iPhone, I did an experiment.

As many may know, you can use Categories and Poof! to hide app icons in order to install more than 144 apps that the iPhone springboard would allow (or 9 pages).

However, I have now discovered also ANOTHER limit. Even with Categories and Poof!, once you hit 196 apps, the iPhone will NOT cold reboot. When the limit is first exceeded, the iPhone will work as long as it is not turned off or resprung. Once it is rebooted, it will freeze and only a cold restore will fix it.

The total limit includes legit app and app from Cydia/Installer.

The partition size does not matter. I have tested it with 2.0 and 2.0.2 firmware.

Can someone else confirm this? Can anyone suggest a fix to this?