First off, i'd apologize if this noob question annoys anyone. But I'd like to have some advice.

I've been looking closely into the recent iphone news

Things that i already know:
1) 1.1.1 is jailbroken BUT NOT unlocked yet (or at least w/o TurboSim, from my understanding)
2) the dev team is working towards unlocking and noone can guarantee when will that happen, but probably soon

Things I wanted to know
Anyone can give me a educated/from past experience guess on when will the unlock be out?
I know noone can guarantee but it sounded like itz gonna happen so i just wanna know a rough time period. Would it be out in 1 week?less than a week? 2 weeks? another month?

Im from Canada and i am planning to go down to the states to get one myself.
i asked the question above because i was wondering should i go down on this weekend regardless if itz unlocked yet or not. Im starting to lose my patience but i can still reason. So would any of you suggest be going down and get it on the weekend or not with the following concerns...

1) itz quite a fuss to going down to the states (going thru the customs and afraid of getting lost n the 2 hr drive) When the unlock is out, probably more people would go buy an iphone, hence increasing sales. I've heard friends saying that sometimes they go out of stock even tho they're suppose to recieve shipment everyday(except sunday?) so yea it'd be a pain in the ass if they go out of stock..

tho itz onli a rumour, they say apple is using 1.1.2 internally. So that means 1.1.2 miight be out soon? so if when the unlock is out but 1.1.2 is also out then i'll be screwed. n that's one of the reason i would like to know roughly how long itz gonna take to get the unlock out.

So with these concerns and my situations, would you suggest me getting the iphone first or should i wait to be safe?