I know this is a duplicate post, but I think I posted originally in the wrong forum, does anyone have any ideas?


I have a Iphone 2g which is running 2.2 and has been quickpwned for a couple of years now. It has always worked without issues.

Recently I tried to connect to itunes to sync up some new music and it wouldn't detect. I've tried different computers and different cables still no luck. My wife's 2g is detected immediately.

So I ssh'd into my iphone and ran dmesg. dmesg is clearly showing that the iphone is detecting the connection and disconnection of the usb cable.

I tried using bootneuter to flash the baseband and change the settings thinking that maybe that would overwrite whatever file is corrupted, but no luck. I've tried putting the phone into DFU mode and recovery mode, but no luck. So as it sits the phone works fine as long as I never want to sync it again. That sucks.

My most recent sync was in december.

I'm a linux guy so I was wondering if there is a way to ssh into the phone a modprobe it to get it working or if there is another way to spur the usb to action. If I can get it working once I can restore it and then I should be good. Or is there a way to restore it over wifi?

Any help would be greatly appreceated.