Hello everybody,

I have a problem. I been scouting these forums for a solution for the past 2 hours. All I see is problems. Maybe someone has a solutions to this problem.

I have a week 26 iphone which has 1.1.2 on it. I downgraded firmware and the baseband and restored to 1.1.1 a few times. I then unlocked it using AnySIM and then the iphone started freaking out. Kept losing the t-mobile signal and shows very low or no service most of the time. I figured I fcuked something up so I restored it to 1.1.1 again and did it again. It all seemed fine this time, until I rebooted the iphone. Then it said wrong sim, then it said repair needed and the wifi/bluetooth/all sound became useless. I guess this is called bricked?

I then tried to restore it to 1.0.1 and 1.0.2 and 1.1.1. Nothing. iTunes gives me error 1011 and says it could not restore. All I see on the iphone screen is the itunes logo with the cable. It's telling me to connect it to itunes after anything I do. I tired iBrickr but it gives me a green background which means use itunes to restore it.

Any solutions to this huge problem?