Hello everyone,
I need some help with my iphone 2G, firmware 3.1.2, unlocked and jailbreaked, has Cydia.
A week ago, I changed the battery and it would not power up, tried both the power and home button, nothing, hold down home and plug in, nothing, with and without connecting to itunes, nothing... I left it alone for a few days, then gave it another try, while plugging it to itunes, pressing down both power and home for 10 sec, let go of power while holding down home for a few more second, it booted up successfully.
I should have very well left it alone then, but I got the itch to upgrade the logic board to 8Gb, so after upgrading it did booted up but the home button was not working anymore
So I installed mquickdo from cydia, then mobile substrate, from cydia as well. After successfully installing mobile substrate it rebooted but shuts off after about 10 sec with the apple logo, I tried rebooting several times but still the same result.
Then I tried switching back to the 4Gb logic board, now it would not boot up at all, tried all possible combination, but not sure if the home button works this time as it would not boot up at all. But this time I might have figured out why the home button did not work, during reassembly I connected the flat ribbon first, then the 3 connectors, but while fiddling with the 3 connectors I may have slightly pulled loose one side of the flat ribbon. Corrected that this time. Still wont boot up!
Does anyone knows what is going on? Only thing I can do is to leave it a few days like above and try rebooting again. I was very careful with swapping parts and soldering battery, done this a few times already.
I wonder what goes on in the circuitry of the phone parts when you physically disconnect the battery and separate the logic board and communication board, etc...
Any suggestions is greatly appreciated, thanks!