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    Default Need help 100% stock 2g hung on boot. Need data $ will pay money to have fixed $

    Hello I am new to this forum. I need the help of the community to fix my Original I-phone 2g. I am the original owner and purchased it when they first came out. I have never modded or jailboke my phone therefore it is 100% factory accept for the occasional firmware updates I did in the past. (I believe I last updated to 2.2.1 but I am not 100% certain. Here is my problem. I HARD reset the phone a couple days agoÖ..(I got in the bad habit of doing this regularly because for some reason the clock would fall behind occasionally and hard resetting was the only way to correct this) by holding the two buttons and upon reboot, the phone hung on the apple logo. It stays on indefinitely while resetting itself every so often. I have since connected it to an iTunes equip computer and left it over night but to no avail. I have been searching all around the internet frantically because foolishly I NEVER backed up my data for the fact I never connected it to my computer. (I didnít use the phone for music and used a in wall charger.) The few times I did connect my phone to my computer to update firmware was on a computer that is long gone. Needless to say the data is extremely, extremely important to me especially the notes as I kept all my important business data there. The pictures and contacts are important as well to me. Can anyone help me get my i-phone booted back up just one more time so I can make a backup and use the backup on a new i-phone I will go purchase. I am looking for a fix that will not compromise the data and am even willing to send it out to someone that is an expert and has a vast knowledge the 2g operating system and all of the tools out there available retrieve to data or repair/mod the boot.

    Let me give you a little more background as it will only help you help me. First off, I can get the phone to go in DFU/Recovery mode (connect to i-tunes screen) by holding the center button for ten seconds while iTunes is open. ITunes recognizes the phone but only has the option to restore to factory settings. You can hold shift while pressing the i-tunes restore and iTunes asks for an update file, I didnít know whether this could be helpful by maybe re-updating the firmware. I have no saved backups. The phone was last updated over a year ago. The only apps on the phone were Shazzam, Ibeer, And one or two games all of which hadnít been used, updated or accessed in quite some time. I have searched all over the internet for a fix but I cant find anyone ever getting stuck on a boot loop with a stock phone. All the articles refer to jail-broken phones and the only answer i keep coming up with is to restore in DFU and lose all data. Also ill note I ran to the Genius Bar in the midst of all the IPHONE 4s chaos. The genius looked like she had never seen an iphone before, and said instantly that I needed a new phone and there was no chance of recovery. I asked if they could access a boot log or have any way to breaking the loop, and she looked at me funny saying itís impossible to connect to an phone in this state so I walked out.

    I read somewhere that built into the firmware there was a glitch where if the system detected a fault too many times it would delete the file even if it was a critical or startup file. Could this be my problem? I am a complete noob when it comes to i-phone hacking/modding therefore I am really looking for someone who really knows what they are doing to help me get back my data.

    Steps I Plan to Take In Attempts to Get My Data Back:

    1. Listen to your advice and conduct simple operations that have little to no chance of compromising the data thatís currently on the phone plus isnít too technical as I am a noob. (donít want to personally jailbreak the phone as I have no personal experience with this and would not even begin to know which jailbreak would give me the best chances of recovering my data without completely erasing the data if the operation fails. Iíve heard there are varying degrees of jailbreak programs and will leave this to the professionals

    2. Sending It to someone who really knows what they are doing that will start with the most benign tactics in attempt to repair the boot files and then resorting to (jailbreaking, SHH, Installing New Kernels ect) or whatever has to be done to access the data. At best I would like the phone returned back in working condition (aka boot files repaired all data still in phone) but will also happily accept a backup file that I could transfer to a new i-phone to even just a CD with the text files of my notes and contacts, and folder of my pictures.

    3. Send to Drivesavers if all else fails as a last resort
    The data on this phone is of the utmost importance to me, and I am even willing to resort to sending to drivesavers but I would like to avoid this option at all costs considering the exorbitant pricing, the people here are probably smarter then drivesavers and the fact that this i-phone wasnít modded to start with which leads me to believe that thereís a simpler or more economical fix. My logic may be completely off though.

    If anyone is interested in helping me out I would be eternally grateful as I havenít been able to rest thinking my data may be lost forever. Please if you have the knowledge (especially with 2g phones and rectified similar problems to mine in the past having expert knowledge of the O/S in order to retrieve data) to help me, please guide me on what I could try or if you feel you have the expertise to retrieve my data please PM me with your contact info (phone number and a good time to call) and the price youíd be willing to accept to fix my phone. (I will pay shipping both ways so just the cost of your labor).

    Thanks to anyone who has any insight.

    James B.

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    Default is your problem solved?

    if not i can REAL help you...
    skype shalva-x

    best regards...



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