I was trying to do hardware unlocking by using needle method yesterday, but on iunlocker run time it failed. It seem like my iphone's boot ram or whatever has been erased. The condition now is that my phone stuck with "Pleases connect to iTunes" when I turn it on. iTunes can still read the phone and do restoring, but after restoring firmware iTunes gives me a warning that reads "iTunes could not restore iPhone "iPhone", an unknown error occurred (1011)" (or something like that, don't remeber the exact words). No matter how many times I do the restoring it still come out the same thing. the only application that can still connect to iphone besides iTunes is iphuc, when entering the restore mode in iphuc, the screen shows some sort of errorS but the text scroll too fast i couldn't read them, the only thing i can see on the top of the screen is:

Bug: launchctl.c:1268 (1.88):2: touch_file(_PATH_UTMP,DEFFILEMODE) !=-1
Bug: launchctl.c:1261 (1.88):2: touch_file(_PATH_VARRUN"/ .systemStarterRunning", DEFFILEMODE) != -1
launchctl: Couldn't stat("/etc/mach_init.d"): No such file or directory
At this point I think I somehow mistakenly erased my kernel image, due to electronic failure or whatever reasons. but it's just my guessing. I don't know if iphuc saves logfile so i'd have better understood what was happening during the boot time.

I understand that iunlocker erases parts of the baseband and upload the modified nor dump, during the iunlocker processing i saw a bus error on my computer's screen and then the program terminated. Is that mean that iunlocker erased part of my baseband yet failed the writing part? I still have the nordump.bin with me if that helps to recover my phone in the future?

If someone understand what is my situation and give me a hint would be much appreciated.