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Discuss Is my iPhone bricked? Help at the General -; So I bought an iPhone 3G used from a person on craigslist. He ran into ...
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    Default Is my iPhone bricked? Help

    So I bought an iPhone 3G used from a person on craigslist. He ran into some problems while jailbreaking it (no physical or water damage) and sold it to me to avoid the problems. I was hoping to just restore it and give it to my girlfriend as a present but this is more difficult then I thought.

    Problems Before:
    Black/Dead/Blank Screen (no display, no itunes icon, no DFU mode to display, no display at all)
    No sound when I touch the screen and when I try to charge it but it does vibrate.
    When I flick the vibrate switch it vibrates (Meaning I think it still works)

    I was able to do a full restore when I received it to 2.2 and asked for a AT&T SIM card.

    Problems Now:
    Still Black/Dead/Blank Screen
    Still No sound.
    No longer vibrates (Except when I reset [10 seconds home/sleep, 5 seconds sleep] then it vibrates and detects as iPhone on iTunes)
    Can get as far as detecting "iPhone" through USB on iTunes but nothing more (no additional information, doesn't show who the phone is registered to and how much free space it has)
    When I try to do a full restore, I get unknown error 23.
    Tried the holding shift and installing different firmware, still get Unknown Error 23.
    Quickpwn cannot detect.

    I don't need to jailbreak, I just would like the iPhone back to manufacturers OS with everything functioning.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    I have the same problem as you...I still searching for an answer, if I find i'll contact you.



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