It is my first post. I wasn't sure if to post here or under other other category.

In advance thank you very much for your help : ) !!!

My sister got an older iPhone from my uncle, (not a 3G), and she gave it to me in exchange for an ipod.

Being very interested in languages, I installed an application called WeDict. Moreover, I went to the StarDict webpage and I downloaded a few of the dictionaries they had there.

Here starts "the story". Before the iPhone 3G, one was only or mostly able to get an iPhone in the States. My uncle bought it there and enabled it in Mexico for use with a mexican chip. When I got the phone, about three weeks ago, I was very interested to install, like I wrote, a few dictionaries. It was not as easy as to go to the iphone's installer and to press install. One had to go to the internet, find information, and then apply it.

To make this story even shorter, I'll tell you that I "played" on the iPhone with such applications as: AppTapp, iLiberty, and iFuntastic. I have also gone to iTunes and restored a time or two the iPhone at different times.

The symptoms now on the iPhone are as clear as annoying: the iphone needs a long warm up period to get started, (between 2-3 min.); when it has already turned itself on and you press any application or key, it'll turn itself off again. When on, the maximum time it stays on, is up to three minutes; It won't "slide to unlock" sometimes; if you want to turn it off or back on, it can only be done by pressing the power and home buttons; lastly, it won't recognize iTunes.

Could you please suggest me a way to get this iPhone back in order. I really appreciate your help. I really hope I can keep the dictionaries, they are very helpful : ) !!!

Very kind regards,