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Discuss My bro's Phone frozen at Activate screen. Ideas on how to fix it? at the General -; Since I have been unlocking these phones for everyone they all come back to me ...
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    Default iPhone frozen at Activate screen.. Nevermind... I fixed it.

    Since I have been unlocking these phones for everyone they all come back to me when shit goes wrong... great
    I already fixed another iphone today that was not detecting the SIM. And I thought that was wierd...

    Here's the problem:
    So my bro's phone randomly froze at the "slide to unlock" screen. The text on the slide bar is frozen as well since it does not "shimmer" like it normally should. and you can NOT slide the slider to unlock... You can not even click the little "i" or anything. It seems bricked, but nothing was done to make it so. Seems bricked, but why?

    I restored the phone back to 1.0.2 as usual, but it is still frozen at the same screen. It syncs with iTunes, so idunno

    Anyone have any ideas on what I should do next?


    I bitched him out about it cuz it didn't make sence and he wasn't fully honest. He dropped the phone and it locked up! so after trying everything I decided to drop it again (from around 2 feet) flat onto it's back onto hardwood floor...

    it booted up and works perfectly now... hmmm...
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