They just posted a more detailed fine print, which is not even that fine on their site anymore. Looks like they're really trying to make things obvious.

What do you think??? Will huge charges come your way soon???

What is not included in the plan?

Tethering - tethering is when you use your phone as a wireless modem to connect to the Internet via a laptop. The phone can be connected via USB cable or Bluetooth. Once connected, you can access the Internet wirelessly on your laptop using the Fido wireless network.

PC Card usage A PC Card works like a wireless modem for Internet access via a laptop. You can choose a PC Card instead of tethering your Fido phone.

Using non-Fido (3rd party) applications that you have downloaded to your device. 3rd party applications are applications like Opera Mini browser or Google Maps.

Use of applications sold by Fido and applications supplied by the phone manufacturer that are pre-loaded on to your device may incur data charges. Consult each application individually.