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Discuss Mod/Hack to trick iPhone about default phone app? at the General -; Hello, I'm definitely a noob, and I'm fully aware. I just got my first iPhone. ...
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    Default Mod/Hack to trick iPhone about default phone app?


    I'm definitely a noob, and I'm fully aware.

    I just got my first iPhone. I am not going to be using a carrier for phone calls. Unfortunately the previous owner of the phone updated to 4.2.1 and was not a jailbreaker, therefore no SHSH blobs to revert to 4.1. So I am jailbroken, but on the tethered Redsnow jailbreak for 4.2.1. My plan is to get a wifi hotspot from the newish company called Clear so that I have constant wifi connection, and then use the VoIP App "Line2" for calling and texting. Because of this, I have no need for the official Apple Phone App.

    My question is:

    Would there be any way to trick the iPhone into thinking that Line2 is the default phone app as opposed to the official Apple Phone App that would typically be used if I had a carrier? It may be too complex of a mod for my limited dev/hack/code skills, but I thought I would ask if anyone has ever done or tried to do anything similar to this.

    Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!!!

    Thank you,


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    You could (somewhat) easily (with the right tools) fool the phone into launching the Line 2 app when you told it to launch the phone app, but in order for it to truly be a 'replacement', it would have to uphold and adhere to all of the standards that the phone app did -- e.g., how it responds to data being passed to it from other applications, etc.

    I can't say it's not possible, but I would vouch that it would be quite a hacky undertaking to solve.

    Last but not least, this would remove your ability to dial 911 in an emergency from the device -- something I don't think anyone should ever do. Most VoIP clients do not allow for 911 calling as they cannot qualify the dialer's location.

    I would say just get used to using the app itself. With 4.2.1 and some of the jailbreak tweaks, you can ensure it's always running backgrounded and that you get the proper notifications with calls are received / missed / etc., but none of the hard-core hacking required to make it work.
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