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    Default Maximum number of packages installed?

    Quick question, I have 79 or so packages installed, and now whenever I try to install another package, the iPod will cease up when I exit the installer. What happens is the spinning gears starts, and will basically never stop. When this happens, I had to wipe it 3 times, and start over from scratch each time, the most recent time however, I figured out a way to save it.

    When those spinning gears pop up, I can launch the iBricker program, and use it's file browser to go into /Application/"NEW APP JUST INSTALLED/ and delete the ".plist" file. Doing so will snap the iPod out of the endless spinning gears. I can then get back into the installer and uninstall what remains of the package I just tried to install.

    I have heard that there is a maximum number of packages that can be installed, is this true? I've heard the number is around 80. Is anyone else experiencing a similar problem? I understand that the springboard supports up to 9 pages, and I have only filled up 5. By the way, those 79 packages that I mentioned earlier also include fixes to Terminal and my IM client, and packages containing new sources etc... If it is true, that there is a limit to the number of packages that can be installed, is that number around 80? Also, if it is true that there is a max package, what imposes this limit? Is it the installer? The springboard? The kernel?

    Thank you guys so much in advance, I posted a longer version of this in the iPod section, but there are not nearly as many views as there are in the iPhone section, and I believe that this question pertains to both categories.


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    To remove the 80 app limit, install SummerBoard 3.2 (see here for more info: ).

    There will still be a 9 SpringBoard pages limit (including apps and webclips). You can add more icons by using the Categories app and making folders for Games, etc. This will remove the apps from the SpringBoard and add them to the Categories folder or folders that you create. You cannot make Categories for webclips yet, I believe.

    The 80 app limit has to do with the number of applications folders within /Applications (whether added through Installer or manually through WinSCP or other SSH app). Supposedly there is an 80 webclip limit under the /Webclips folder as well, but I have not tested this limit. You can also remove the spiraling wheel by going into your /Applications folder and removing one of the applications subdirectories within /Applications. You will still have to uninstall it in Installer.

    The limit is imposed by Apple on the SpringBoard, and, as far as I know, there is no independent app to remove the limit (only SummerBoard 3.2), and there is no way to remove the 9 SpringBoards limit at this time. Once you reach the 9 SpringBoards limit, you can still install new apps, but they will not show up on the SpringBoard (you will not get the spiraling wheel), but Safari will not let you add more webclips (that option becomes unavailable). You will see the new apps installed if you delete other apps using Installer so that the amount of apps and webclips on the SpringBoads decreases.

    The 9 SprinBoard limit did not exist in earlier firmware versions, so I am sure that it was added later and can be removed, but I don't know how to do it. At this point, nobody has found a .plist that can be modded to remove these limits. I am sure that more people will ask for this once the AppStore comes out and they place games and webclips on the SpringBoards - they fill up quickly!
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