Hi guys
I have a 8gb 3g and its just gone crazy over the last few days.
restored it and when it finished it got stuck on the apple logo screen when restarting (for over an hour).
I switched it off and back on, went straight into recovery mode (itunes logo on screen).
Tried tiny umbrella to get it out of recovery but it just resets and goes back to recovery mode.
Tried restoring with itunes and I get 1015 error.
Tried to get it into DFU mode to use redsn0w and it will not go into DFU mode.
Ive jailbroken a few of these and 4g's before and know how to get it into DFU but this one just wont. Its like the home button has stopped working. Im literally about to take it to bits but just thought id ask here first.
Anyone have any idea on how to fix this bar taking it to Apple?