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Discuss Major Issues With iPhone - Need Help! at the General -; Hey guys, I have an iPhone 2G which was originally 1.1.2 OTB and subsequently jailbroken ...
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    Default Major Issues With iPhone - Need Help!

    Hey guys,

    I have an iPhone 2G which was originally 1.1.2 OTB and subsequently jailbroken and unlocked; then jailbroken and unlocked to 2.1; and most recently jailbroken and unlocked to 3.0 using Redsn0w.

    However as of late, it has been encountering serious issues to the point where it is basically non-functional.

    The first issue that I noticed was that when I enter into some app from the home screen (e.g. Messages, Settings, Phone etc), I was can use the features as normal, e.g. navigate through the different menus in Settings, however I can't get back to the Home Screen by pressing the home button, and need to restart the iPhone to return to the Home Screen.

    Also, after the iPhone has been left on for a while in sleep mode, the sleep button stops functioning correctly and will not wake up the iPhone, and I either need to hold the sleep button down for a few seconds until it wakes up and shows the "slide to power off" screen, from where I can press "Cancel" and use the iPhone again, or I need to restart the iPhone by holding down the sleep and home button simultaneously.

    Following this, I also noticed that my computer/iTunes no longer detects my iPhone after I connect it using the iPhone cable. Also, the battery indicator icon does not change to show it is being charged. However once I restart my iPhone after leaving it connected for a while, the battery indicator icon shows the updated higher level of battery charge.

    If I connect my iPhone to the computer while the iPhone is turned on, there is no apparent change and the 'green battery charging screen' does not display. However, if I connect my iPhone to the computer while it is turned off, or restart the iPhone while it is connected, the white Apple logo displays for a few seconds, and then the iPhone goes straight to the Recovery Mode screen, showing the iPhone cable connector with an arrow pointing to the iTunes logo.

    I have attempted various methods to try and fix my iPhone, including re-installing iTunes, connecting my iPhone to a different computer, and trying to put the iPhone into DFU mode so that it can be recognised by my computer, however none of these attempts have had any success. My main goal has been to try and get my iTunes to detect my iPhone so that I can restore/reformat it and hopefully resolve all issues, but clearly I have not been able to achieve this goal.

    Apologies for the long post, but I would really appreciate any advice or suggestions anyone could provide in order to try and get my iPhone working as normal again.

    Thanks guys!

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    Wow! I going to make a guess that you downloaded an app that causing havoc with your iPhone. I would completely erase the iPhone through settings on the phone itself (this will take some time.). Afterwards I would restore and setup as a new phone. Good Luck!
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